Wednesday, November 24, 2010

High Five From WILL WORK FOR FOOD: The Buckeye Trio

Though WILL WORK FOR FOOD is headquartered at the University of Michigan and the annual Michigan-Ohio State football game is this Saturday, in honor of Thanksgiving, this installment of the High Five gives thanks to the hard work by three Buckeye ladies who have accomplished so much down in Colombus.

Led by Chapter Representative, Molly Morse, Volunteer Coordinator, Megan Bennett, and Marketing Coordinator, Adrienne Darah, WWFF-OSU completed its first 40-hour work week (with 45 service hours!) by volunteering at the (Ohio State vs. Michigan) Blood Drive, babysitting for mothers in a local ESL class, and by preparing and serving food at an International Potluck Dinner. These girls have done so much, I can't help but write in run-ons!

The highly-successful WWFF-OSU chapter was started by Molly who, upon transferring to Ohio State from U-M - as a Wolverine, it stings to say that - decided to start up a chapter at OSU since she enjoyed her time with WWFF-Michigan. Megan and Adrienne got involved with WWFF after hearing about it from Molly, and all three of them cited their "WORKIN' FOR FOOD"-motivation as fighting child malnutrition and the excitement of starting their own WWFF-chapter. Well, even in Ann Arbor, we can get excited about this Buckeye trio's work!

In honor (and in irony) of WWFF-OSU's rise to success, Molly, Megan, and Adrienne have decided to share with us their TOP 5 FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT FALL:
1) Thanksgiving
2) Ohio State Football
3) Black Friday Shopping
4) Apple Picking
5) 2/3 of their Birthdays!!

While the next few days appear to be chock full of their favorite Fall things, WILL WORK FOR FOOD would like to wish everybody a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! And as our focus turns to turkey day tomorrow, this is still a perfect time to start your own WWFF chapter, just like Molly, Megan, and Adrienne did. It only takes 5 minutes to become a Chapter Representative today!

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Food For Thought: Thanksgiving Sweet Potato helps to alleviate world malnutrition?!

Hi there, everyone, Happy Thanksgiving! We hope everyone will have an awesome Thanksgiving break, but malnutrition in the world does not cease.

This week Food for Thought will share with you a Thanksgiving special blog post on one of the staple in Thanksgiving meal besides Turkey. ;)

According to McClatchy newspaper, agricultural researchers have discovered that orange sweet potatoes, rich in zinc and iron, may help improve the immunity system of malnourished children.

Traditional African sweet potatoes are not orange; they are red outside and white inside. These potatoes do not provide sufficient amount of beta-carotene,which helps the body to convert vitamin A.

The lack of vitamin A would like to blindness in children.
"Experts estimate that vitamin A deficiency blinds 500,000 preschool children globally each year, and that about two-thirds of them die within months of going blind because the deficiency destroys their immune system and makes them vulnerable to diseases."
Agricultural researchers have demonstrated success in an alternative cultivation of sweet potatoes to make them "more orange".

Like plumpy'nut®, orange sweet potatoes could help nourish children with malnutrition.

And how do we get Plumpy'nut®?
By getting involved with WILL WORK FOR FOOD!

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Happy Thanksgiving! And Happy Orange sweet potatoes! =)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Food For Thought: "Starved for Attention" | Some of the 195 Million Stories of Malnutrition

This week in Food for Thought, we will feature an create campaign that Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF, Doctors Without Borders) launched in early Summer 2010. The purpose of the campaign "Starved for Attention" is to create a multimedia blog that features famous photojournalists from VII Photo Agency while documenting story of malnutrition happening around the world with photography and video.

Currently in the world, there is an estimated 195 million children suffering from malnutrition and 90 percent of them reside in Africa. This campaign of "Starved for Attention" serves as a mean to promote awareness of malnutrition happening in places where we don't usually pay attention to. Each video is composed by short footages and many photographs with voices over. Each video tells a true story that exists in the world right now in this moment.

The blog video that Food for Thought will feature today is "A Mother's Devotion of Burkina Faso" by famous photojournalist, Jessica Dimmock. In this video, a daily life of a mother, Burkina Faso, is shown through a series of photographs and video clips.

This video also shows the dilemma that a mother in Africa commonly faces. She knows that buying fish will help the nutrition of her child and that there are not enough food for the children to eat at home. But Burkina can't buy the fish because if she does and comes home finding her child, she won't have money to buy medicine.

WILL WORK FOR FOOD is continuously dedicated to raising awareness to this global issue and to save undernourished children. All of the money we raise will go to Doctors Without Borders for their nutritional supplies to help save children.


Visit our Get Involved page to sign up, Learn More pages for more information on Malnutrition and Plumpy'nut, or the Donate Now page to make a contribution.

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