Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Food For Thought: World Hunger vs. World Malnutrition

This week, Food For Thought will help distinguishing features between world hunger and malnutrition.

One major difference between Hunger and Malnutrition is the cause. According to KidsHealth.org, people who have plenty of food to eat can still suffer from malnourishment. If people are not eating the right food that provides the appropriate nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, they could suffer from diseases associated with the deficiency of certain nutrients.

As the article continues, it also mentions that there are some people become malnourished because a disease prevents them from absorbing or receiving the nutrients from food that they intake.

Despite the difference in the cause, world hunger and malnutrition, however, are highly associated in a larger scale. World hunger and malnutrition most predominantly exist in a world of poverty. Solving issues caused by world hunger could help to alleviate world malnutrition in areas where nutritional foods are not abundant. (eatright. org)

The primary goal of WILL WORK FOR FOOD is to raise funds for the distribution of Plumpy'nut® for malnourished children in countries of poverty.

How to get Plumpy'nut®?
Get involved with WILL WORK FOR FOOD!

One hundred percent of the money we raise together will help Doctors Without Borders purchase and distribute nutritional supplements, like Plumpy’nut®, to help save malnourished children.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

High Five From WILL WORK FOR FOOD: Meredith Rizzo

This installment of the WILL WORK FOR FOOD High Five features Meredith Rizzo of Saint Mary's College (IN). Yesterday, WWFF-Saint Mary's successfully completed their 40-hour work week (November 29-December 5). Participants in the series of work efforts, amongst other activities, wrote letters to soldiers and served brunch at a local homeless shelter. This comes on the heels of a community food drive held in early November. Even more impressive, though, is that WWFF-Saint Mary's was just launched during the last week of October. Multiple successful work efforts at this Indiana private school translates into high hopes for the future!

Meredith first heard about WILL WORK FOR FOOD from some former East Grand Rapids High School classmates, including current Director of Operations, Matt Woelfel. Meredith watched WWFF from a distance the past two years, but always wanting to serve her community while making a difference globally, she started talking to some friends in September about starting a chapter at Saint Mary's. Along with Fundraising Coordinator, Katie Herbig, Volunteer Coordinator, Anna Holod, and Marketing Coordinator, Christina Quinn, Meredith has gotten WWFF-Saint Mary's to hit the ground running.

Had it not been for Meredith spending the entire 2009-2010 academic year studying abroad in Rome, Italy, we could have been fortunate enough to have WWFF-Saint Mary's a whole year earlier. But we're not blaming you, Meredith - I want to go to Rome, too - we're just fortunate to finally have you part of the WILL WORK FOR FOOD family. But just in case Meredith decides to take off somewhere again, we can start by looking at one of her TOP FIVE FAVORITE PLACES IN THE WORLD:
1) Grand Haven, MI
2) Rome, Italy
3) Madrid, Spain
4) Capri, Italy
5) New York, New York

While Meredith's favorite places certainly has an international flavor to it, she knows how important it is to remembers that big differences can start right in your own community. If you would like to find a WWFF group to join, check our group directory; there may be a group at your school already. WILL WORK FOR FOOD: Volunteering Locally to Help Children Globally.

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(Pictured Above L-R: Christina Quinn, Anna Holod, & Meredith Rizzo)